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BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask

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BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask Care Product Moisturizing Deep Repair Frizz For Dry Damaged Hair Smooth Hair Conditioner Pcs

BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask Product Features:

Strong Anti Hair Hair Dyed Color Hair Care

Nursing A Fluffy Improved Frizz
The Hot Roll Damage Repair Hair Treatmen
Nourish dry hair, so dry, hairy hair to keep moisture. Let the hair soft and easy to comb, shiny
BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask … full of extract
Many of us do not know that ginger is useful for our hair … ginger
Stop the hair fall
Smooth hair damaged hair
Reduces the roughness of the hair
Control the overflow

BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask will reduce the hair loss of hair. Hair will be manageable. keep it straight Give plenty of silky & soft hair.

থেকে Protects hair from dryness and provides moisturizer
✔ Hairstyles are stronger and stronger
✔ make the hair more brighter and vibrant
✔ Whole olive oil is rich in hair, smooth and soft with wheat hair, Trehalose hair is strong and bright
✔ protects hair from all types of damage

Use BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask
This hair mask can be used in all types of hair
✔ Firstly brush the head hair thoroughly, apply this hair mask on the hair at the beginning of the hair, massage it well and leave it after 10-15 minutes and wash your head.
Original product 500 gm 3/4 months will be used



Package Included

1x BIOAQUA Ginger Hair Mask500g


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