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Gluta Berry juice Full body whitening

1,050 TK

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Gluta Berry juice Full body whitening
What you benefit from playing these juices:
The face and the whole body floating permanently.
Remove acne and black stains,
Delete the age-old prints
Skin the skinned skin
Removes black spots under the eyes
Make the skin soft and orange
Remove the oily skin of the skin
Dark skin will remove the skin
Remove the skin cells of the skin
Skin whiteheads will be removed
Gluta Berry juice Full body whitening You’ll be permanently whitened inside.
If you play for one month, then the 3 shades will be fair.
All the body will turn gray
If you have a bronch in your face, you can leave any scars or scars, but it will go away. Because there are neem and yellow here.
Clean the blood.
Smooth and glow the skin


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