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Infrared Blood Circuation Massager

6,000 TK

Blood Circulatory Massager Machine is the most effective exercise device for restoring circulation of lymph and blood. There is an old Chinese saying Good circulation and breathing keeps a body healthy. Exercising is one way to maintain sound health. In order to promote the proper way to a healthy body, we proudly introduce the health equipment Blood Circulatory Massager Machine (BCM).
It is based on the findings of years of research centered around
Acupressure (Reflexology)
Blood Circulation – Vibrations Massage
Reflexology: Reflexology is a form of acupressure, which is applied on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. All parts of our body are symmetrically represented in the palms and soles.
These reflex areas become correspondingly sensitive with a disorder in the part of the body to which they are related
Blood Circulation Vibrations:
BCM promotes blood circulation to remove obstruction in the channels; ample supply of blood to the body parts ensures their evident functioning.
Clockwise circumrotation makes a rapid blood circulation within the body, increasing blood supply for heart and brain, accelerating secretions and discharges, making body healthy and clean. Massage. It has a remarkable massage effect, which relaxes the muscle and increases flexibility.


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