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Oilatum soap Bar

480 TK

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Oilatum soap bar is suitable for dry skin, replacing the skin’s oily protective layer washed away by ordinary soaps. Oilatum soap bar is mild enough for every day use. Its gentleness makes it an excellent cleanser for babies and children.
Gently cleanses without drying
Moisturises and protects
Contains liquid paraffin BP 7.5%

Oilatum soap bar
After scurrying all day, the dirt becomes dirty in our skin and blackness is created. The brightness of our skin is damaged. The people who use the tongs know very well that how much soap is effective.
Useful for herbal-rich winter or summer, this soap is made from natural ingredients which will make your skin work deep.
In just a few weeks you will find Bran Sara in using soap. Brushing the scars. Remove the scars. Clean the stain. Make the skin smooth and dry. Make the hair scars / black away. Recover the skin of the skin. The skin makes the skin bright. For all skin.
There is no side effect. Soft & smooth Skin Glowing Skin Spots Removal Tann Removal Dirt and dead cells remove
Best body fairness will remove the skin from the inside. Removes dark spot by removing stretch marks, removes sun burn, removes skin infection and removes acne blemishes
It is an organic extra whitening complexionc toning soap … that has …….
+ abutin plus
+ vitamin E plus
+ kojic acid plus
+ glutathione plus
– Spotless Fair Skin.
– Increase the efficiency of the system.

Suitable for both boys and girls.
100% Original product ……
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